Cyril W. Chen (陳嘉雯, they/them, b. 1998)
is an animation filmmaker, author, and digital media artist
based in Treaty 4 & 13

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Walleye: Series >

01. Animation Performance Test / Animatic

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Premise: (for series)

Series Title: Walleye

This is Joshua’s second zombie kill, and he is still deeply disturbed by the act of it all; having to look a zombie in the eye, be encased in it’s putrid stench, only to be just close enough so that he can aim his shotgun juuuuussst right. He is absolutely sick of it all. He must do this, though, because his only child that just turned four years-old, needs feeding, and it craves just one particular meal …. other zombie brains.   

In a small rural town overrun by zombies, a young man named Joshua is determined to protect and feed his extraordinary 4-year-old child.

My Son Conrad >

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