Story portfolio, all original designs. Thank you for viewing.
Tau in the Sun. Beatboards, storyboards, designs


Logline: A young master teaches his apprentice something she’ll never forget.

character concepts:

Walleye: story practice (Content Warning: gore) >


Young father hunts zombies to feed to his child, who can only get sustenance from other zombie brains...

My Son Conrad  >

Story beats (2021):

Phillip and his robot son Conrad nearly evade an alien lobotomy.

Figure Drawing

Storyboards for live-action short documentaries:

CBC Saskatchewan, Home of Diaspora (2021-2022):
Responsible for pitch, concept development, script editing, storyboards, 2D animation, and first animatic pass.

shortfilm storybeats:

Bridget (student group film, 2022):

film: (co-directors: Ridaa Khan, Sima Naseem, River Park, Steven Ross, Lily Zhang)

Group story boards:
(pitch by Kayden Sayers). I boarded the introduction. Kayden completed the last board image.

CBC Short Comic (2021) >

Link to article:

Original pitch, paid written article and comic piece.

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