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Mom's Garden - 妈妈的菜园 (independent)

Select screenings:
Addis Video Art Festival (Ethiopia, 2022). WNDX Festival of Moving Image (Winnipeg, 2022).
Archived version screened at the Animation Festival of Halifax (2021).
Installation screening at the University of Regina, Media Art and Performance lab (2019).

Mom's Garden - 妈妈的菜园 : An ode to paper animation; Cyril archives their mother-tongue as they draws from the roots of their Mother’s Garden, planted in Regina, Saskatchewan, with seeds carried over from Yangchun, Canton China.

Project link: 
Winter 2023 Demo Reel

Client Animation Demo Reel

Animation Installation:

: Animation Projection for Neutral Ground Artist-Run Centre using archive materials from the organization's past 40 years as an Artist-Run Centre in Regina SK, Treaty Four Territory. This was projected for their 40th-anniversary party (SAT 19 2022, 8pm-late).
Photos provided  Yuji Lee and Neutral Ground ARC. 

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